Host a HERA Event

Many individuals volunteer to organize and host community events that benefit the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation.  These grassroots events raise awareness about ovarian cancer in fun, creative ways while raising money for HERA.  Events range from cross country motorcycle rides to cocktail parties or birthday celebrations honoring important women that have touched our lives.  If you would like to plan an event in your community, here are some guidelines to get the process started:

• If you are currently working on organizing an event, please contact HERA right away to discuss your idea.  It is important for us to be aware of events that are taking place in which we are the beneficiary, as well as to make sure your event doesn’t conflict with events that are already scheduled.  Events must align with HERA’s mission.

• HERA is happy to offer support and suggestions along with way, as well as provide HERA collateral materials.  If you would like to use our name and/or logo, we ask that you sign a letter of agreement and send us all materials using our name and logo for approval prior to distribution.

• Only checks made payable to the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation are tax-deductible.

• HERA cannot participate in the sale of tickets or be responsible for providing sponsors, celebrities, or speakers for the event.  If you would like a HERA representative to attend your event, please let us know well in advance.

To get started, please submit your idea to the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation and be sure to outline your event as clearly as possible.

 Thank you for choosing the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation as the beneficiary of your event!

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