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Awareness is Our Best Defense

Raising awareness is key to saving lives. HERA is committed to informing women, the people who love them and the doctors who treat them about the symptoms of the disease and what they can do if they suspect ovarian cancer.

Because ovarian cancer does not have many survivors, we need you to get involved.

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Awareness Saves Lives:  Be Out Loud.  Click here to learn more about ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer What You Should Know

Ovarian cancer is not an uncommon disease. It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women and kills more women than all the other reproductive cancers combined.

Ninety percent of women who get the disease have no family history.

Ovarian cancer has symptoms, even early stage disease.  According to a recent study by Barbara Goff, only 11% of women with early stage disease had no symptoms.

There is no reliable test for ovarian cancer like the Pap smear for cervical cancer or the mammogram for breast cancer. Over 78% of the women diagnosed this year will be diagnosed after the disease has spread when the chance for survival is less than 20%.

When ovarian cancer is caught early, it is highly curable.

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