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A position is the first large vertical spot on far left position.
A1- Sean Patrick with arms up: Copyright 2008, Jill Slansky
A2- 5 women rock climbing: Copyright 2009, Celin Serbo
A3- Women with climbing Devils on shirt: Copyright 2008, Ben Moon
A4- Sean w/ friends in front of HERA Foundation: Copyright 2008, Ben Moon

B position next is the second in rotation, smaller vertical spot, top right position.
B1- Young girl with sign In memory of Aunt Darby: Copyright 2009, Celin Serbo
B2- Mom and Daughter in pink tops: Copyright 2006, Ben Moon
B3- HERA walkers, man with Roxanne copy on shirt: Copyright 2009, Nick Lasure
B4- 2 women high 5ing: Copyright 2008, Ben Moon

C position next is the second in rotation, smallest horz. spot, bottom right position.
C1- Cancer Sucks: Copyright 2006, Ben Moon
C2- Sam and sister smiling: Copyright 2006, Ben Moon
C3- Lara and Sean hugging: Copyright 2008, unknown
C4- Sam in red t-shirt, never say take on shirt: Copyright 2007, John Evans

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