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Flying Pigs and HERA Climb4Life

January 29, 2015

If you’ve ever come to a Climb4Life, or just been part of HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation for a while, you’ve probably heard the name “Stanley.” He’s coveted, he’s contested, and he’s cherished.

You’ve heard the lore before, but, just who is Stanley anyway?

Stanley_in_his_new_homeThe Stanley Award was created by HERA founder, Sean Patrick. When she started Climb4Life in 2002, she was told that people would donate to a rock climbing event when pigs flew. Thirteen years later, the Climb4Life events are still going strong by raising lots of funds to eliminate ovarian cancer through scientific research while also raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

And, Stanley, the flying pig award? He’s still going strong, too. The top fundraising team at the Climb4Life weekends get to take Stanley home, and the competition is fierce!

With our 2015 Climb4Life Series gearing up for an all-time awesome year and Climb4Life Boston just around the corner…it is time for you to start thinking about pulling together your team to strategize on how to raise the most funds and bring Stanley home.

Who’s going to be the top fundraising team at the 2015 Climb4Life Boston? So far over $5,000 has been raised by the Boston Climb4Life participants, but teams who win Stanley know that it takes over three times that amount to bring him home and keep him.

In the past people have done crazy things to raise funds, even shaving their heads! In addition to Stanley, the top fundraising team will win some fantastic prizes.

It’s not too late to register. Climb4Life Boston is right around the corner, March 7, and teams are still forming.

New to climbing? No problem – we offer clinics. Experienced? Watch for exciting pro athletes to join the mix and challenge you to new heights. Prefer yoga and fitness classes? We’ve got you covered.

Click here to register now and get in on the fun.

Or, donate to your favorite participant and help their team give Stanley a new home.

Stanley Award

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Celebrating the first of many new things to come…

November 1, 2010

By Jill Slansky, Board President

It’s such an exciting day for HERA and for all our family and friends. This has been such an incredible year with so many accomplishments – we’ve raised over $150,000 to put toward much needed ovarian cancer research, handed out thousands of symptoms cards to increase awareness and improve early detection, awarded outside-the-box ovarian cancer Science Grants, as well as enabled numerous community members to increase awareness through our Community Grants.

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the holidays and the end of 2010. There is still so much work to be done! However, it gives us great pleasure in this “quiet” time to introduce our new website, made possible by a generous grant from the Diana Price-Fish Cancer Foundation.

Do you know what I think the most important project that we did this year is?   HERA awarded our largest ovarian cancer grant to date.  You’ll definitely want to read the interview by Dr. K.K. Wong, the lead scientist.

You may also find the new Action Hero Survivor stories particularly interesting. We’re starting off with a story about Jean Murr – artist, HERA supporter and ovarian cancer survivor. Each month, we’ll introduce new heroes that are living each day to the fullest since their diagnosis with ovarian cancer, so be sure to visit the site regularly to see who’s next. Have someone you’d like to see featured? Let us know.

We’ve also added some great pictures from our signature Climb4Life events, so be sure to check out the C4L Photo Galleries. Even more photos are coming, so stay tuned.

Finally – there’s this blog. It’s our way to bring you updates about HERA, our family and friends, as well as the latest in ovarian cancer research and prevention. Like what you see? Looking for something in particular? Leave a comment. Want to follow along? Simply join the HERA Friends & Family list and we’ll keep you updated.

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