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The mission of the HERA Ovarian Cancer Foundation is to eliminate ovarian cancer.  Currently no effective test exists to reliably diagnose the disease early on, when the chance for survival is greatest. Over the past decades, available treatment protocols have not appreciably altered mortality from this disease. Incidence rates have decreased only slightly, and much more work needs to be done. Because there are fewer numbers of healthy survivors to raise awareness for ovarian cancer, research has been grossly under-funded. Progress has stalled due to lack of adequate research dollars. HERA works to change this by awarding grants, providing public education and staying active on the national advocacy front. The priority is to better understand the disease so that a test for early detection and more effective treatments can be developed.

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Climb4Life is an annual event and our biggest fundraiser for being able to continue cutting edge research and public education. Expect yoga and climbing clinics during the day and music, food, and drinks in the evening.

HERA is committed to awarding annual grants to scientists and researchers with “outside the box” ideas regarding the investigation of new directions in medical research, treatment, early detection, and prevention of ovarian cancer.


HERA's underlying premise is that women need to have the knowledge and confidence to fully understand and advocate for their healthcare. Did you know 90% of women who are diagnosed have no family history?  Click below to learn more about ovarian cancer.

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